Education in Central Japan Japanese Language School

We are pleased to help the international students acquire practical Japanese to lead a fulfilling life even after going on to a higher education.

Collaborative Learning

This method offers students a learning einviroment which encourage them to cooperative with other classmates in class which would be a vital social skill for them in the future.

Classes based on second language acquisition theory

An effective language learning method which focuses more on acquiring the language naturally instead of drilling grammar rules.

Learner Autonomy
learning method

Learners will build a self-directed learning schemes “Tutorial language learning(Self-instruction in Language Learning)” for themselves, a study method which would be also helpful for them in higher education institution.

  Use of ICT  

Teachers use a variety of ICT tools in teaching to visualize lessons. It provides quality learning materials and creating autonomy of learning. School also plans to provide one chromebook per student which will be useful for them to practice Data entry in Japanese and prepare documents for presentation.

Examination preparation

Besides JLPT or EJU Preparation classes at school, students can also do the exam preparation lessons or trial test online after school.

Experience Japanese culture

A variety of events and outdoor activities for example in Noh theature helps students better understand the Japanese language and enhances their understanding of Japanese culture.

Online classes are also available

In the unlikely event that a disaster or epidemic makes it impossible to attend school, we have a system in place to provide online classes with Chromebooks that we have given to students.

To start to utilize personal Karte

Original version of online personal “Karte” into usage to record the daily living and the learning outcomes of each student. Moreover, student’s parents in home country is also accessible to this “Karte” so that parents would get a grasp of the present situation of their children any moment.

Fully equipped

Under the support of Accel Holding, Japanese classes are conducted in a new functional building and classroom.

About Nagoya

Nagoya is the Japan’s third-largest metropolitan region after Tokyo and Osaka. It is considered as a city not only full of traditional and histrorical value but also has active economic activities. Moreover, city also puts effort into education which makes it one of the best cities to raise a family. School is near Nagoya station which is gate to Nagoya. Easily reached on foot from either Fushimi station or Marunouchi station. In an area that is in between residential and business. Which is near a traditional theater that shows Kabuki, Noh and Kyogen, the Nagoya Science Museum and the Toyota Industrial Museum.


Central Japan Japanese Language School is established by Accel Holding- an Integrated Human Resource Corporation which is headquartered in Nagoya Founded in 1991 in Nagoya in the business of “Integrated Human Resources”. Ever since we have responded to the various needs of customers with the slogan “Faithfulness inside people, company and society” and expanded our network to almost all major cities throughout the country. In order to meet urgent demands, our mission is to reliably provide answers to not only individuals and companies but also society -“New Ideas And Innovation Towards A Prosperous Future”

Thanks to globalisation, there is an upcoming trend now that many young people long to come to Japan for study and work. We as Accel Holding look forward to future, five years, ten years from now, want to contribute to the international human resource development so that Japanese language school is opened. We hope that we can help you to be great human resource and be able to be active in Japan, overseas and also in your home country. Along with learning Japanese, opportunities to learn about history, culture, economy and technology are also fully provided. I hope you have a great time studying from “Learning, to Knowing to Thinking”.and learning.

Accel Holding CEO: Hiroshi Azuma

History of Accel Holding

10/1991 Establishment of Accel Co., Ltd. in Nakamura ward, Nagoya city
8/1992 Establishment of M.M Corporation
10/1997 Establishment of Galileo Co., Ltd.
4/2002 Group companies moved to the head office building located in Central Nagoya
2/2003 Establishment of Accel Holding Cooperation
10/2019 Establishment of Central Japan Japanese Language School

Overview of Accel
Establishment 10/1991
・Dispatching of laborers
・Outsourcing business in various production processes
・Quality assurance business
○Number of employees
Approximately 1,500 employees (including contract employees)

Overview of Galileo
Establishment 10/1997
・Engineering solutions service and technical services to the design division
○Approximately 300 employees (including contract employees)